I don’t know how to pose, will you help?

Absolutely!  I tend to give really easy to follow directions and I coach you 100% of the way... from your facial expressions to the tips of your toes {literally! lol}

Do you supply the outfits?

No – we don’t offer outfits. Boudoir photography helps reflect your inner and outer beauty. Wearing your own clothing helps you feel comfortable and keeps your individuality!
However, we do have plenty props that will compliment your outfits!

How long before I get to see my portraits?

Depending on my work flow, usually within 1-2 weeks.  Sometimes sooner.  I know you will be super excited to see them so I do try to hurry!

How long does it take for the finished product to be ready after my session?

 Your finished artwork is delivered 3-4 weeks after the date of your session. If you need items sooner than that, we can deliver it to you in as little as 5-10 business days with a $150 rush fee.

I have cellulite/stretch marks/acne. Can you get rid of that?

The removal of acne, blemishes, bruises, scratches, stretch marks, veins and cellulite is part of the retouching process and included in the cost of your purchase.

I am flying in from out of town, what hotel do you recommend?

There are a multitude of cute hotels here in the city!  Along with that you can also reserve one of our adorable B&B's.
Annndd... if you want to shoot part of your Boudoir photo shoot in your Hotel/B&B room we can arrange that as well.
Courtyard Amarillo Downtown

What if I’m not comfortable being nude?

You absolutely DO NOT have to be nude to do a Boudoir photo shoot!  Your session will be catered to your comfort level.

How long does the session last?

Honestly, it depends on how long of a session time you book.  Makeup and hair will typically take and hour to an hour and a half depending on hair length.
You are with us most of the day.  You may consider making arrangements for school pickup and childcare.

I do not want to be displayed on your web site. Will my privacy be assured?

 I take your privacy very seriously. I often work with school teachers, public figures, and professionals so I understand the importance of privacy. Everyone displayed on my website/blog/advertising were excited to give me written permission to do so.

Do you ever offer Groupon deals?

I have never offered a Groupon.  Your session with us can last up to a full day which ensures you are the focus of our attention. Our low volume, full service approach doesn’t work with well deal sites which attract hundreds of sessions over a short period of time.

Can I bring my child to the shoot?

Unfortunately, no.  We want you to feel like a queen for a day!  
However, we can absolutely make accommodations to nursing mommies.  Please let us know at your consult if you will need this arrangement.